Unlock Unstoppable States of Fulfillment, Joy, Energy, Confidence, and Meaning in just 4 Hours

Our Workshop upgrades your brain’s physiology and awakens your mind through innovative Inner Organic Technology® Activation Sessions, paving the way to new levels of confidence, joy, peace, and purpose. This transformation of brain and mind sets you on the path to higher consciousness and even enlightenment.

Unlock Unstoppable States of Fulfillment, Joy, Energy, Confidence, and Meaning in just 4 Hours

Our Workshop upgrades your brain’s physiology and awakens your mind through innovative Inner Organic Technology® Activation Sessions, paving the way to new levels of confidence, joy, peace, and purpose. This transformation of brain and mind sets you on the path to higher consciousness and even enlightenment.

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We have the singular solution to a confused and chaotic world. Dive into the heart of our transformative Workshop, witness powerful demonstrations, and learn how our unique Inner Organic Technology® Activation Sessions and specialized meditation can revolutionize your future.

Did You Know:

You have a fear-based “lower brain”, commonly known as the reptilian or lizard brain? Your lower brain was developed to keep you from being eaten in a world full of wild predators, like saber-tooth tigers. Your lower brain is not concerned about joy or fulfillment in your life.

The Problem:

You’re still operating from that same fear-based brain that humanity was operating from millions of years ago, even though saber-tooth tigers are gone and it’s the 21st century. Humanity will not survive if we continue operating from these old mechanisms. We MUST evolve!

The Good News:

You also have a more recently evolved part of your brain, known as the Higher Brain, pre-frontal cortex, or “Angel Lobes”, which is associated with feelings of joy, confidence, meaning, and even enlightenment. You also have an untapped source of energy in your body. You’re just not using any of it yet!

The Solution:

This transformative Workshop leverages the power of “Source Code Meditation” (SCM), using IOT Activation Sessions and redefined meditation practices. This technique awakens your own Inner Organic Technology® and shifts control from the fear-driven lower brain to the advanced Higher Brain. This method will help you alleviate stress and fear and embrace a more evolved, purposeful state of being. It will even lead to enlightenment!

What happens when we release the lower brain's grip?

  • Release stress and fear
  • Lower anxiety and overwhelm
  • Reduce boredom and self-doubt

What happens when we shift control to the Higher Brain?

  • Experience joy, confidence, clarity
  • Increase creativity, focus, patience
  • Discover resilience, adaptability, compassion

What is waiting for you if you continue on this path?

  • Deep fulfillment
  • Higher consciousness
  • Mystical experiences
  • Enlightenment

“I had never felt such a simple yet full sense of joy! I carried that with me for the rest of the day, this newfound opening in my heart and being! I am so grateful for Gabe and this experience!”

Lovedy Barbatelli

“Gabe made me feel safe right away. He had a quiet confidence and you could tell he was connected to the secrets of the universe. This day was a catalyst for a new life for me and it will forever be etched in my heart.”

Claudine Sapini

I am filled with love, joy, and gratitude! All of us left that workshop with our hearts wide open and excitement for the future! This powerful Workshop with Gabe will change your life! Truly a ’10’ on a 5 star rating!

Jason Moxley

“From the moment I arrived I felt welcome. The entire Workshop was done with integrity and respect for each individual. Gabe was friendly, knowledgeable and desired the best for each person.”

Donna Fromm

“During the Workshop I felt so much energy in my body. I noticed an electric sensation that lifted my head and I remember Gabe saying, “Yes Desi!” It was an unexpected and beautiful experience.”

Desiree Urbina

“Gabe provided such a well integrated energy, it was easy to surrender to his facilitation. Something shifted for me during this experience and as a result I am managing stressful situations in a much more productive way.”

Dawn Pridgen

“Source Code Meditation is the answer for busy Westerners that want to awaken their soul purpose. I feel empowered to be able to energize my own brain whenever I want.”


Prepare to embark on a life-changing journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. At the Source Code Alchemy Institute, we’ve spent years to curate a workshop experience that will empower you to unlock your hidden potential and elevate your consciousness to new heights. Through a unique blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, our workshop offers a comprehensive approach to personal growth and self-realization.

What Will I Experience?

IOTA and Higher Brain Activation: Harness the Power Within

Unlock unparalleled joy, mental clarity, energy, and fulfillment as our Inner Organic Technology® Activation (IOTA) Sessions rewire your brain’s physiology. This foundational shift moves control from the fear-based lower brain to the empowered Higher Brain, setting the stage for profound personal transformation.

Inner Mastery: Command Your Energy, Transform Your Life

After your expert practitioner completes the first IOTA Session, you’ll then master the art of self-guided energy mobilization, a skill that fosters autonomy in your spiritual and personal development journey. This empowers you to consistently create and inhabit a Higher Brain state, readying yourself for deeper meditation practices.

Meditation Reimagined: Learn Our Revolutionary Breakthrough

The Workshop introduces a revolutionary meditation technique that’s optimized when your Higher Brain is activated and receptive. Our unique approach not only enhances your capacity for meditation, but also establishes a positive feedback loop, accelerating your mind’s ability to awaken.

Collective Ascension: Rise Together to New Conscious Heights

Witness the magnified transformative power when a synchronized group activates their Higher Brain, taps into their Higher Heart, and ascends to new levels of consciousness – together. This dynamic field effect fosters a profound sense of connection and shared consciousness, enhancing the collective journey to higher awareness.

Life, Supercharged: Activate Your Highest Potential Every Day

When you complete our Workshop, you will be equipped with invaluable skills that allow you to energize your Higher Brain on demand. This skill is particularly useful in challenging situations, but is also meant to be a part of your daily practice, ensuring every day begins with physiology that is equipped to handle daily life in the 21st century. These practices guide you towards achieving joy, confidence, peace, passion, and even enlightenment.

A Ripple of Change: Your Transformation Helps Reshape the World

Through your transformation in our workshop, you not only revolutionize your own life but also profoundly impact those around you, inspiring and elevating your community. This journey of self-improvement has the power to initiate a domino effect, encouraging positive changes far beyond individual boundaries. By focusing on personal growth, you’re contributing to a global movement of change.

Experience True, Lasting Transformation

Source Code Alchemy Institute:
1743 W Divison Street, 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL

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Our Money-Back Promise

We are so confident that you will experience a transformational Workshop that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Full details below in the FAQ.

We host Workshops every week, with plenty of dates and times to choose from. Once you register, we’ll connect with you to find a Workshop that works with your schedule. (You will have a full year to participate in a Workshop.)

If you prefer, find a date now by clicking here!

This Immersive Workshop Includes:


2 hands-on Inner Organic Technology® Activation (IOTA) Sessions


Learn the Source Code Meditation self-practice through individualized instruction


Downloadable quick-use guide


Downloadable guided audio of the Source Code Meditation Protocol


Certificate Of Workshop Completion


Lifetime access to the weekly, live-streamed Source Code Meditation practice led by your Practitioner


Lifetime Access to the Source Code Alchemy Institute Facebook Group with Support from your Practitioner


Optional: One Additional Hour Of Sips, Snacks and Community Time Following the Workshop


What is the money-back guarantee?

If by the time we take our second scheduled break of the day, you do not feel the Inner Organic Technology® unlock as expressed by the SalutoGenesis breath response, we will fully refund your Workshop registration fee!

How large are the Workshops?

This is a boutique experience, limited to 6 people. To inquire about booking a custom Workshop for a large group, click here.

What are the Workshop hours?

Morning Workshops are from 8:30AM-12:30PM Central.

Afternoon Workshops are from 1:30PM-5:30PM Central.

All Workshops are followed by an optional 60-minute community time with sips and snacks! Check the calendar for dates and times.

What do I need to bring?

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothes for the day (no jeans). You may also want to bring water and snacks.

How do I find out parking, lodging, dinner options and more?

All details to help you prepare for and get to the Workshop will be provided immediately upon enrollment.

Will there be more Workshops?

Yes there will be so many more! We will be updating the Workshop schedule weekly.

More questions?

If your question isn’t answered on this page, please send us an email and we’ll be happy to help out!