Experience The 9 Summits of Transformation… Catalyzed

An in-depth online program coupled with hands-on sessions in the SCAI will bring you out of the meaning crisis and into a beautiful journey to higher consciousness. Rejuvenate, discover your soul’s purpose, experience spiritual liberation, and live a life divine.

The “9 Summits of Transformation Catalyzed” is an immersive 6-month journey designed to unlock your Inner Organic Technology® and revolutionize every facet of your existence. You’ll master the art of brain activation and mind awakening, turning it into a daily rejuvenating practice that unlocks advanced states of consciousness. With your heightened brain functionality and elevated awareness, you’ll then embark on The 9 Summits—a comprehensive roadmap designed to guide your transformation across all aspects of human growth and evolution.

The 3 major components of this program are:

Learning the Basics
Online Program

Master “Source Code Meditation”, which is the core technique of everything we do. Learn to locate your Subtle Energy Vortexes, activate your Higher Brain, and introduce our signature meditation.

The 9 Summits
Online Program

Take your newly activated brain and begin to transform all areas of your life. Each of the Summits provides a map and the tools to awaken and transform yourself within each area of human growth and evolution.

Inner Organic Technology® (IOT) Activator Sessions

These hands-on sessions at the SCAI in Chicago will catalyze your transformation to new heights, and will supercharge your ability to self-mobilize the subtle energy in your body and activate your Higher Brain.

What’s Included?

Lifetime Access to "Learn the Basics" Online Program

Learn how to activate and engage the highest, most evolved part of your brain and introduce our signature meditation to awaken your Higher Mind.

Lifetime Access to The 9 Summits of Transformation Online Program

Learn how to apply your newly activated Higher Brain and awakened Higher Mind to your new life (over 40 video instructions and demonstrations!).

6 Monthly Group Zoom Calls with Your Practitioner

Refine contacts, join in guided meditation, and hive mind how to apply your new mindset to your life (improve relationships, finances, etc.).

12 Hands-On Inner Organic Technology (IOT) Activation Sessions

These powerful sessions with your expert Practitioner will supercharge your ability to engage your Higher Brain.

Weekly Live-Streamed Source Code Meditation

Every week, your Practitioner will lead you through the SCM practice with your new like-minded community (lifetime access!).

Exclusive Source Code Alchemy Institute Facebook Group

Your Practitioner will lead your new community group through discussions, answer questions on the programs and the movement in general, and provide love, support and guidance.

And upon completion of the program, you will also receive:

Exclusive Source Code Meditation Facebook Group

Join our group of over 1300 members for further support, guidance, and sacred community.

Certificate of Completion

Proudly display your Certificate as a reminder of what you have accomplished and where you are going!

Source Code Meditation Q&A Community Call

Every week, join our large community Source Code Meditation call with a diverse group of people from many of our different programs!



In the very first Summit, you will experience a shift in consciousness that releases you from the bondage of mundane existence. Once you liberate energy from your body to your Higher Brain, this shift in consciousness is very easy. In the same way that you know that you know that you’re not the objects you see all around you, you’re not any of the “things” that you can objectify: your body, your thoughts, your emotions. If you’re not the things that you can objectify, then who are you? You can have a relationship to those objects—your body, mind, and emotions—without being bound to them.


Your Soul exists in space and time, but who were you before the Big Bang, which gave birth to space and time? Modern science tells us that space and time had a beginning and that something came from nothing.  But there was a part of you that was there to witness that beginning. And you can discover that part of yourself, your Transcendent Self, the Eternal Immortal Witness that is beyond space and time. It was never born and, therefore, will never die. This is you who really are. Pure peace beyond understanding. But you can know it through direct experience.


You exist simultaneously as the body, as the Soul, as the Transcendent Self. These are not separate states: they are in a non-dual relationship. Furthermore, you can know yourself as not separate from anything in Reality. Your Transcendent Self is the Ultimate Subject to ALL Objects, and they are in non-dual dynamic that is an indivisible Whole. In the Unitary Awakening, the Seer merges with all that it sees. “I Am That.” All that Is, Is You. In the Unitary State, there is complete liberation and freedom from fear.


Your Authentic Self is the Vehicle that your Soul has in space and time. And your Soul has a Purpose for being here now in space and time. Your Soul’s Purpose provides Fuel for the Vehicle of the Authentic Self. And now that you have experienced Awakening to your Soul, the Transcendent Self, and the Unitary State, you have the confidence and drive to create a Fearlessly Authentic Life!


The Authentic Self is rising to higher and higher Life Altitudes. It went through several stages of development already in a very short time! Congratulations! It took our ancestors millions of years to accomplish that! And you’re still going!  There is no end to your Evolution. In this Summit, we discover and plan our Emergence and Ascension into the 6th Epoch of Human Evolution. So few humans have ever accomplished this feat. We’ve got to plan ahead and form the Higher Brain physiology that will get us there. 


The spiral of human development is composed of discrete stages of growth that are in a system that is holonic and foundational, which means each stage of growth encapsulates, and is built upon, the previous stage of growth. We need to transcend and include each stage of development in a healthy way. If we fail to transcend, or if we fail to include, then eventually our growth will be arrested. And our environments and our cultures are not specifically designed to create healthy transcendence and inclusion. Summit 6 is designed to repair the spiral of development.


When trauma occurs and the physiology cannot process the energy, the wise response of consciousness is to lock away the energy as psychological repression. A shadow. The shadow creates a lower-brain loop that repeats a maladaptive behavior that causes pain and calls for growth and evolution. In our misunderstanding, we “heal” the shadow by masking the symptoms—the very signals that make us aware of a useful shadow energy. By releasing shadow energy into SalutoGenesis, we can re-purpose the shadow as fuel for our Higher Brain and for our Soul’s Purpose. A wound instantly becomes a great asset.


The rules of the Game have changed. Energy has shifted from lower to Higher Brain dominance. You have released the shadows that have prevented you from moving forward. We have identified ourselves as One and the same as the Godhead and all Reality. We see our Authentic Self as the Vehicle of the Soul moving through 13.8 billion years of evolution, going somewhere. You are completely empowered and confident in your Soul’s Purpose. And now it is time to take action to create evolution in 4 Dimensions. What are the actions required to give you the life you desire? These are your Life Codes.


At this stage, you become an Architect of Epoch 6, the next stage of Human Evolution. An Architect of Epoch 6 has a deep knowing, a SalutoGenic Knowing, moment by moment. You come into continuous communication between You and the Environment—an Epoch 6 Thrivestyle that is based on the SalutoGenic response as the primary detector of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. At this stage, Architects of Epoch 6 spontaneously adjust their habits and practices to evolve themselves, transcending and including, quickly and efficiently. The World occurs as a seamless whole. SalutoGenesis is the link and integration mechanism between YOU as a Kosmic Process and YOU as the personal being.

Based on the leading edge philosophy of Integral Metatheory, The 9 Summits of Transformation is a holistic, guided, life journey that advances your awakenings and ushers you into a life of confidence, clarity, deep purpose and meaning.

Through this process you will not only wake up, but also grow up, clean up and show up. As your mind continues to enlighten, you will discover your soul’s purpose, rid yourself of the shadows that hold you back and be guided step-by-step to live a fearlessly authentic and evolutionary life. Each day becomes an odyssey of purpose, joy, deep connections, purpose-driven work, and relentless personal evolution. Revolution is not just on the horizon; it’s here.



The 9 Summits of Transformation Catalyzed


Learn the Basics online program

The 9 Summits of Transformation online program

Join our exclusive SCAI Community Facebook Group

Weekly, live-streamed Source Code Meditation practice led by your Practitioner

6 monthly group Zoom calls with your Practitioner

12 IOT Activator Sessions

Certificate of Completion

Lifetime access to the weekly Source Code Meditation Q&A/Community call (post-program)

Lifetime access to our exclusive Source Code Meditation Facebook Group (post-program)

EXPERIENCE A TRIAL for only $197

Receive 2 weeks of the full program, including hands-on IOT Activator Sessions! Limited time opportunity.

During your trial, we anticipate the activation of your dormant Inner Organic Technology® and the flow of sacred energy through your body as it activates higher functioning in your brain. If that life-changing response does indeed happen for you, we will offer you the chance to join the full program at $3997 (payment plans also available).


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